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Hubei kaidi textile Co., LTD is a backbone enterprise in Hubei textile industry. It has 650 employees and 60,000 spindles. The main production and operation of various types of polyester yarn. In recent years, the company has adhered to the theme of innovation, implemented the scientific development concept, and continuously increased investment in technological transformation, and always maintained a good momentum of sustained, rapid and healthy development. In order to meet the company's growing needs, we are now recruiting employees for the community:
First, the recruitment conditions: age 16-35 years old, good health, good looks, good conduct, skilled workers priority.
Second, recruitment positions: spinning workers, equipment maintenance workers, electricians.
Third, welfare benefits:
1. Salary: Spinning machine 1900 ~ 3000 yuan, equipment maintenance workers, electricians 2000 ~ 2800 yuan.
2. Employees can voluntarily sign labor contracts with enterprises and reimburse round-trip fares during the Spring Festival.
3. The company has a canteen to provide meals in the class.
4. The company has perfect dormitory and supporting facilities. Free accommodation, three rooms in each room, couples or sisters, brothers and two in the company's work arrangement room. Hot water is provided free of charge, and free entertainment facilities such as basketball, billiards and table tennis are available. The carport is equipped with an electric car charger for free charging by employees.
5. Distribute labor insurance supplies monthly.
Company Address: No. 32, Miaoma Road, Makou Town, Hanchuan City, Hubei Province
Contact: Su Factory Director: 18602721984
The company is looking for people who are interested to join, and develop together with Kaidi to share a better tomorrow.